My beginnings in photography were during "the film years" of the art. In those days, unlike much of the digital world, precise exposures and correct film and print development counted a lot more than they do now because there were few second chances to get the shot right on the first try. You couldn't just look at the back of your camera and see if the shot was good or not. It took until you had a print in your hand to know if it was good or not. Back then, being a good photographer required a thorough understanding of the camera as a tool, exact film exposure and proper film and print development. All of theses facets were essential to producing excellent final results. Every image you see in this film section of my website has been digitally scanned from my archive of slides, negatives and prints and then meticulously post processed to remove dust spots, colour artifacts and other imperfections. That was an arduous task that I worked on for a year and a half... image by image by image. Some of my oldest negatives and slides had considerably shifted colour over the years and others had acquired numerous dust spots and cracks in the emulsion rendering them almost unusable. Every image in this film section required post processing... some much more than others, and regrettably some were unsalvageable altogether. I'm glad that I took the time I did to preserve these images digitally as given a few more decades many of them would likely have not been recoverable at all and the memories they held would have been lost to the ages. They are now preserved to survive the passage of time without risk of further damage.
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