Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | "The early days..."

All of these images are from my very earliest years in photography. I started shooting on film when I was fifteen years old. I purchased a Canon F-tb camera body with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, moving on to a Canon AE-1 body and then eventually progressing to a Canon F-1 professional body when I was working in the field. I had various lenses, most of them prime lenses, and I owned a Canon 50-300 zoom lens and Vivitar 400mm prime lens which were used for many of the sport action shots here. Some of the images come from my personal files of family and friends, some are my high school days, others were during my time in Ryerson and a few images are from my work at the horse track. It's a small gallery of the original files of my very earliest work, most of it amateur. You can click on any image to enlarge it to full screen.
This image earned me first place in Canada in the K.I.N.S.A. photo contest in 1980.Early skydiving work and my first camera balloon jump.I enjoyed shooting racing and here I experimented with simultaneous zooming/panning.Early auto racing panning efforts.Motorcycle races were also a lot of fun to shoot.Motorcycle moto-cross events were also fun to shoot.Some days I'd go out and shoot whatever I could find.I shot this while in high school at Birchmount track meet circa 1978.Shot at the O.F.S.A. finals track meet in Kingston Ontario circa 1978 while I was in high school.An assignment for Ryerson.  "Store fronts" I think was the topic.An early Ryerson assignment in "graphics".Another shot for the "graphics" assignment.Another shot for the "graphics" assignment.Another shot for the "graphics" assignment.Another assignment for Ryerson.  I don't remember the topic.Another assignment for Ryerson.  I don't remember the topic.Kids playing in a school yard.  I'd find and shoot anything interesting.Self portrait in the Eaton's center ceiling mirrors, Toronto.Early personal work just after I'd bought my first macro lens.More work with my new macro lens.