Travelling very often presents rich and rewarding photographic opportunities for any photographer. In the early stages of my travels throughout the world it was sometimes humorous to see the amount of camera gear I would lug with me. For my first trip to Nepal in 1986 I carried two Canon F-1 camera bodies and a half dozen lenses, including a 500mm prime lens in a separate hard shell carrying case that by itself easily weighed fifteen pounds. One of the younger child porters in our Nepalese staff was assigned (in addition to other gear) the sole job of carrying and being responsible for that lens for me. I also remember packing about 40 rolls of Kodachrome slide film for that trip. It didn't take me long to learn that I needed to trim down my gear requirements for subsequent trips where I carried everything. I did get some great shots from my two visits to Nepal and my other locations but regardless I learned how to travel a lot lighter for my later journeys. Mountain climbing is especially unforgiving to the "hoarder" packer, and for my climbs up the bigger mountains in later years I permitted myself one camera body and one lens. "Less is more." is my motto and if I'm carrying what I bring I now travel with only what is needed and nothing more. I'm happy with the images I was able to capture in my travels during the "film years" of my photographic career. I hope you enjoy the images as well.
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