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Travelling can present rich opportunities for a photographer. I was always ready to gather all of my camera equipment and stuff it into as many bags as it took to have "the kitchen sink" with me when I was on the road. At times it was almost humorous to see how much gear I would lug around the globe with me during my initial forays into travel photography. I remember my first trip to Nepal in 1986. I carried two Canon F-1 camera bodies and a half dozen lenses, including a 500mm prime lens in a carrying case that by itself easily weighed fifteen pounds. It was literally so big that one of the younger child porters in our Nepalese staff was assigned the sole job of carrying that lens around for me. I felt embarrassed about that. I also remember packing about 40 rolls of slide film for that trip. It didn't take me long to learn that I needed to trim down my gear requirements for subsequent trips. I did get some great shots from my two visits to Nepal, but I quickly learned how to travel a lot lighter for my later journeys. Mountain climbing is especially unforgiving to he "hoarder" packer, and for my climbs up the bigger mountains I permitted myself one camera body and one lens. I now travel with only what is needed and nothing more. I'm happy with the images I've been able to capture in my past travels during my "film years". I hope you enjoy the images as well.
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