Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | Published work
My first published work was while I was a student at Ryerson University in Toronto. I attended "Ry High" in 1980-81 and during my brief time there studying photography and film I worked for the campus newspaper "The Eyeopener". I was also a regular contributor to a Toronto Star column called "Have your Say" where readers were invited to submit human interest photos they'd taken. I left Ryerson mid way through my second year to pursue a job as the publicity photographer at the Ontario Jockey Club racetracks "Greenwood" and "Mowhawk". I was responsible for photographing the standardbred horse races and process the negs and print the images on site...all within minutes of the race...and at the end of the night submit the prints to the local newspapers and trade magazines to promote the O.J.C. in the sport. I had hundreds of images published over the five years I worked shooting horse racing but I only kept a few clippings for posterity. I left the track in 1985 and began shooting for the local community newspaper where I lived called the "Mississauga News". I worked there for about two years and toward the end of my time there I had my own photographic page/column entitled "Focus". I was assigned various community events to shoot and it was a fun job, but it didn't pay very much. I had always had a career in firefighting in the back of my mind and pursued the opportunity in earnest in 1986, and to my delight I was hired full time in Markham. I began my career in firefighting in August of 1986 and continued my professional work in photography on the side. Since the mid eighties I have operated two separate businesses in skydiving photography and one in tournament hockey photography. Both were very successful and enjoyable. Many of my favourite images from those years are on this web site.
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