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Photographing concerts and musicians in the film era was very enjoyable but it was also considerably challenging as film "speeds" were very slow compared to today's much higher speed digital sensors. Add to that the difficulty of getting close enough to the performers to get reasonably good images and the prospect of getting decent shots of musicians in the film days was problematic to say the least. Even the "fastest" films of the day still made for very difficult and challenging shooting because of the dimly lit venues. There were occasions where a band I shot would perform at a local club or other centre such as the Ontario Place forum where access was general admission and it would allow me closer access to the performer. This made getting decent shots at least possible and on occasion I could capture some especially nice images. This is a small selection of the images I have from my files of concerts in the 70's onward. All of these images were scanned from negatives and slides that have managed to survive the decades stored in boxes in my basement. Unfortunately some of them have suffered from colour shifts and other damage (not to mention the original lack of correct exposures and/or sharp focus etc.) that made correcting them in post processing a challenge. I have many more images from each concert depicted here but I chose to limit the number presented to these few favourites.
Bruck CockburnBruce Cockburn at the Ontario Place ForumBruce Cockburn plays the Ontario Place ForumBruce CockburnBruce Cockburn sings at the Ontario Place ForumBruce CockburnBruce CockburnEdgar WinterEdgar WinterEdgar Winter at the Nags Head NorthEdgar WinterEdgar WinterEdgar WinterEdgar WinterRonnie James Dio and "Black Sabbath"Ronnie James DioRonnie James Dio fronting "Black Sabbath"Ronnie James Dio with "Black Sabbath"Ronnie James Dio with "Black Sabbath""Black Sabbath" with Ronnie James Dio