Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | The Ryerson Eyeopener
Shooting for the Ryerson Eyeopener, or, "The Eye" as it was affectionately called, was a lot of fun and it gave me an opportunity to cut my teeth in the news photography business. I only shot for the paper for one and a half semesters as I left Ryerson mid term in my second year to pursue a lucrative job working as a full time photographer for the Ontario Jockey Club race track standard-bred division. I saw no reason to continue studying to be a photographer when I had secured a full time, well paying job in the profession, so, not without some hesitation and reluctance, I left Ryerson for good to work at the track. Almost all of my work for "The Eye" has been lost to the ages, but here are a few clippings of my efforts from that time. You can click on any image to enlarge it to full screen.
This was shot in January.  The actors in the shot were drama students from Ryerson.These two guys were actual homeless guys in front of the Warwick who agreed to pose for me.Most of my work from the two years I shot for the "eye" have been lost to the cosmos.Got to shoot a few notable bands of the time.  "Ultravox" here.Billie Currie of UltravoxWilliam Lishman, a very noted metal sculptor.  Fun assignment.Susan Ballion, a.k.a.  "Siouxsie" of "Siouxsie and the Banshees" interview.Shooting comedians at Yuk Yuk'sComedic talent at Yuk Yuk'sDrag queen performer at the infamous  "Warwick" hotel on Dundas Street.New law professor at Osgood Hall