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Ninety-nine percent of the images I ever shot that appeared in the Toronto Star have been lost to the ages. Almost all of them were from my time at the Ontario Jockey Club race tracks "Greenwood" (no longer existent) and "Mowhawk", and were of standard-bred horse racing action. One particular shot I captured that I kept the strip of negatives for was of a terrible harness racing crash that occurred on July 23rd 1983 right at the finish line. I got the image with a Canon F-1 and 135mm manual focus prime lens. The shot was my only front page for the Toronto Star. Never having worked for the paper as a staff photographer I'm happy with having had at least one shot on the front page. A few of the other images are of a community page called "Have Your Say" where readers were invited to submit human interest images for consideration. I was a regular contributor to the column and I had a few images published in it.
Front page of the Toronto Star July 23rd, 1983The original image of the crash at the finish line.  Fortunately, nobody was badly injured.This image was also published in the paper.  Once again, fortunately nobody was injured.Toronto Star harness racing crash at GreenwoodToronto Star harness racing at GreenwoodToronto Star harness racing crash at Greenwood racewayRon Waples 3000th win at the track.Toronto Star harness racing triple dead heat at GreenwoodToronto Star newspaper of base jumperOne of the few non crash shots of horse racing that I got published in the Star.Toronto Star Baldwin skydiving storyChinese soccer league game in the Toronto Star newspaperToronto Star Chinese boys soccer league gameToronto Star Have Your Say column of Puppi the OrangutanPuppi the Orangutan in the Toronto ZooToronto Star Have Your Say column of gazing boyYoung boy gazing intentlyToronto Star Have Your Say column of woman sitting peacefully in Allen GardensA woman sitting in portrait for the Toronto Star Have your Say column