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I have always had an interest in photographing the night sky but in my film years of the art my efforts were largely dismal and I never really pursued the challenge in earnest. Now, with the advent of ever improving image sensors to accommodate this facet of photography I find myself on a steep learning curve to catch up to so many other photographers who have excelled in this particular field. What I offer in this gallery so far is just a start to my efforts and I plan to hone my skills in this fascinating and rewarding genre of photography and provide ever improving results as time passes.
The Andromeda GalaxyThe Triangulum GalaxyBode's GalaxyThe Pinwheel GalaxyThe Whale GalaxyThe Whirlpool GalaxyMarkian's ChainThe Leo TripletThe Orion NebulaThe Horsehead and Flame NebulaeNGC 1893The Rosette NebulaThe Rosette NebulaThe Crescent NebulaThe Heart NebulaThe Heart Nebula StarlessThe Pleiades Star ClusterThe "Elephant Trunk" nebulaThe Elephant Trunk NebulaThe Teddy Bear Nebula