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The online version of National Geographic magazine had a column called, "Your Shot". which invited readers from around the world to send in images for consideration to be published in the online version of the magazine. Every day twelve images were chosen by one of the senior editors for inclusion in the column called the "daily dozen" from the thousands of images that had been submitted. One of those images was then chosen by the readership in an online poll to be chosen as "Photo of the Day." Getting published in National Geographic magazine has always been a dream of mine, as I am sure it is a dream of many photographers. I started submitting my images to the "Your Shot" column in October of 2018. To my pleasant surprise two of my images were chosen for inclusion in the "Daily Dozen" although none were eventually voted by the other photographers submitting images as "photo of the day".The online column "Your Shot" has now migrated to Instagram and morphed into a different version of the column. In addition to being published in the online "Your Shot" and "Daily Dozen" columns, editors could "favourite" an image of yours. It wasn't quite the recognition that a "Daily Dozen" selection was, but it was still a "feather in your cap" from a National Geographic editor none the less. I had a total of seventeen of my images "favourited" by different editors. Matt Adams, David Y. Lee, and Kristy McNicholas were the three editors who "favourited" my images.
National Geographic Daily Dozen image of Descending DenaliFamily Heart art project at Burning ManCloud formations over Arthurs Pass New Zealand 9Dog descending a hill in Quito EcuadorMother Nasca Booby bird and her chick in the Galapagos IslandsPortal in the wall of Basilica Del Voto Cathedral in Quito EcuadorTandem skydive with setting sun-2Tube skydive at dusk