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On my way to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a golf week with some fellow retired firefighters I decided to stop in to the historic battlefields of Gettysburg Pennsylvania and soak in the history of this famous site. I was not disappointed, and I was truly amazed at the impact this beautiful landscape, and with what happened here one hundred fifty years ago. The information pavilion and video halls, and educational displays give a plethora of information about the entire development of the battle that occurred through July 1,2,3 in 1863. I was at times dumbstruck to be standing on the very hallowed ground that tens of thousands of civil war soldiers fought and died upon. Much of the battle field sites are open to walk upon and trek upon the very soil that that soldiers fought for and your mind can only wander to that time in history when the smoke from cannon filled the air and the thousands of warriors who charged across open fields and were cut down by those cannon. It was a sobering experience, to be sure, and I invite those who view these images with awe to visit Gettysburg themselves and embrace the sadness of the tragedy of the event.
First battlefield of Gettysburg PennsylvaniaTree foliage in Gettysburg PennsylvaniaFinal Battle site of Gettysburg PennsylvaniaBattle site at Gettysburg PennsylvaniaBattle site at Gettysburg PennsylvaniaBattle site at Gettysburg PennsylvaniaThe Devils Den battle siteThe "Devils Den" battle site of Gettysburg PennsylvaniaMonument at little round topStatue at Little Round TopLooking down from Big Round TopStatue at Gettysburg Battle siteBattle site at Gettysburg PennsylvaniaGeneral Meade HeadquartersGeneral Meade Headquarters