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Burning Man is a festival of radical free expression and a culturally charged, musically infused, sculpturally decorated and spiritually blessed, artistically infused, sexually enhanced, mind bending "Woodstock" type of event where all are welcome and everyone is not just "encouraged" to participate, but "mandated" to do so in one of ten "tenets" that base the event. Spectating is not allowed. Participation is compulsory. It is held every year in late August/early September 200 miles north of Reno Nevada in a temporary "city" on a dry alkali lake bed where 70,000 people congregate on seven square miles...quite literally in desert of Nevada in the middle of "nowhere" "get their freak on". There are participation camps of many kinds that offer every type of activity you can imagine. You must bring everything you will need for eight days of survival in the blazing hot sun as there is nothing for sale or purchase at Burning Man. "De-commodification" or the prohibition against any form of selling, promoting, advertising and soliciting is another of the tenets. You must also be completely self sufficient in all aspects of your existence while on the Playa. There is no food or water for purchase. Additionally, you are encouraged to gift things to other people...any item of personal meaning to you that you think your recipient would appreciate. There is no expectation of recompense in this offer. It is a gift given completely without barter. I brought along a book of 100 photographic prints I'd made of the best of my work and I gifted those prints to whom I thought would appreciate my work. If you have never heard of Burning Man I urge you to Google and read up on it. I had a blast at the event and it's on my calendar now every year until the day I die. Photographically, I brought a lot of gear with me but all these images were shot using only my Canon 5D Mark III and my 24-105 f/4.0 L lens. You can click on any image to enlarge it to full screen.
The Black Rock City Lighthouse Service art projectBedouin tents on the playa of Burning ManMutant bicycle at Burning ManTetherball and swings at Burning ManSwinging on a swing set at Burning ManArt project under construction at Burning ManMutant art car at Burning ManSculpture of a woman on the playa at Burning ManSwinging on a tire at Burning ManMutant art project at Burning ManMutant bicycle at Burning Man-2Tent covering at centre camp of Burning ManProximity dancing at center camp in Burning ManProximity dancing at Burning Man centre campDancing proximity style at center camp in Burning ManLord Snort mutant art project at Burning ManThe landscape of the playa of Burning ManGetting Married at Burning ManThe Thunder Dome at Burning ManThe Thunder Dome at Burning Man 2