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These images are from a single game of boys high school football that I photographed for a friend who has a son on one of the teams. I have always loved shooting sports and football...needless to say...has a lot of great action ready to capture. These images were shot with a Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 200-400mm f/4.0 L with the built in 1.4 converter.
Tackling your opponent in boys footballBringing down your opponent in footballRushing the footballCrashing down in footballRushing with the footballRushing the field in footballReady to rush the footballRushing the footballFending off the tackleAttempting a tackleBreaking a football tackleRushing with the footballRushing with the footballStretching for a tackleSurrounded by the opositionCrushed by the opposition in footballBeginning your rush with the footballTackled by the oppositionQuarterback scans the receiversReaching for a tackle