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I always love photographing sports as they provide ample opportunity to capture spectacular action images. This gallery contains random rugby games that I have photographed in the last few years. I caught ten minutes of a game in New Zealand that was played near a camper van park I stayed in and also shot two games that a nephew of mine played in a few summers ago. All of these images were shot with a Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 200-400mm f/4.0 lens with the built in 1.4 converter. Enjoy.
Rugby player kicks ballRugby tackleRunning with the rugby ballPassing the rugby ballRugby tackleRugby tacklingSprinting with the rugby ballFending off the oppositionPushing away an opponentHeadlock on a rugby opponentFending off a rugby opponentBreaking free from a rugby tackleRunning clear of the cloudHard rugby tackleBreaking free from a rugby tackleCrashing into a rugby opponentBlocked by your rugby opponentTrying to break free in rugbyFighting to break free from a rugby tackleRugby tackle