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My trip to Italy in the summer of 2007 provided only a small number of images to add to my website. During that trip I was more concerned with enjoying my trip with my then girlfriend than devoting time and effort to capturing images. We did visit many of the beautiful areas of Italy such as Florence, Venice, Vatican City, the Dolomites, Tuscany, Cortona, and we saw many of the "sights" such as the Duomo, the Bridge of Sighs, St. Peters Basilica and many of the museums, art galleries and architectural wonders of the country. I've chosen a few of my favourite images from the trip for inclusion here.
"Italian rooftop sunset"Contrail in an Italian sky"Italian rooftop sunset"St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican in Rome ItalySt. Peters Basilica in the Vatican City of Rome in Italy.Woman in a hotel room near a windowThe Duomo in Florence Italy from our hotel window.The Duomo in Florence Italy.The Duomo in Florence Italy photographed at night.Canal in Venice ItalyBeautiful canal in Venice ItalyThe Bridge of SighsVenice Italy night street sceneVenice Italy night street sceneVenice Italy night street sceneThe Dolomites of northern ItalyThe Dolomites of northern Italy.A beautiful landscape of the Dolomites of northern Italy.The Dolomites of northern Italy.Italian street scene in Cortona.