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After having spent three days in the garden of eden paradise of Hiva Oa after completing our twenty day sail across the Pacific Ocean, I decided to fly out of Hiva Oa to the capital of French Polynesia, Papeete, on the island of Tahiti. I spent a week there exploring the island capturing only a handful of images as I preferred at that point in my travels through the South Pacific to just explore the island, drink some nice wine, and have fun. After my week in Tahiti I flew out to Bora Bora where I spent another week on that tiny, beautiful island. Once again I didn't capture very many images and preferred to just wander around on foot, drive around in my rented dune buggy and enjoy myself. After my week in Bora Bora, I flew back to Tahiti for two days and waited for my connecting flight to Fiji. Then I hopped on a plane and flew out to Fiji via New Zealand. I spent two more weeks in Fiji having a great time. I rented a car and met a group of people at a local hostel and we drove around the island in my car enjoying the scenery and having fun for two weeks. I'm happy with the limited number of images I captured from my visit to these islands.
Harbour of Moorea in French PolynesiaBoat and birds on the sea i TahitiHarbor in Moorea, French PolynesiaSpeeding along the ocean past the coast of Moorea, French PolynesiaMusicians in Moorea, French PolynesiaCoastal beauty of Tahiti, French PolynesiaArboreal image of TahitiLooking over Papeete, Tahiti, French PolynesiaTahiti, French Polynesia as seen from the hillsTree image in French PolynesiaTree images in French PolynesiaThe city of Popeete, French PolynesiaCoast of Bora Bora, French PolynesiaDriving a dune buggy in Bora Bora, French PolynesiaChildren on a beach in Bora Bora, French PolynesiaClouds over the sea as seen from Bora Bora, French PolynesiaThe coast of Bora Bora, French PolynesiaCarrying a load in Bora Bora, French PolynesiaCoastal beauty i Bora Bora, French PolynesiaMan and dogs in Bora Bora, French Polynesia