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I purchased my drone, A Mavic 2 Pro, in May of 2019 and immediately fell in love with the versatility of this new photographic tool. Having a "flying camera" opens the door to a world of image opportunities that are completely unavailable to normal land based photography. The views in this gallery are a collection of miscellaneous images from different locations including "Bluffers Park" in Toronto, "Rouge Park" in Ajax, Ontario, and a couple of shots along the Trans Canada highway of the gorgeous landscape of Ontario north of Lake Superior. When I become more competent at flying the drone and understanding the properties of this aerial imaging device I hope to provide even more stunning results.
Sailboats in a Bluffers Park Toronto marinaThe shoreline of Lake Ontario at Rouge Park AjaxSwamp and lilly pads from aboveBoardwalk throug a swampOntario Go Train from aboveKayaks beached on a sand barSeagulls on a lakeShoreline of Lake OntarioTrees and swampSwamp from aboveThe Ottawa River from aboveKayaks on a swampy pond