Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | 2003 Aconcagua Argentina

I carried a Canon T-90 with me to Argentina. My trip there was primarily to climb Mt. Aconcagua, which is the highest mountain in either north or south America. It is the second highest of the "seven summits", which are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. It is second only to Mount Everest in height of those specific mountains. Only three of the seven in our group made it to the summit on Valentines day, February 14th, 2003. I include only those images I feel are worth showing the viewer the general sense of the climb. Many of the negatives have not held up to storage well and the colours have shifted badly. Those that remain that are usable are here.
Camp two, looking toward the summit trail and the summit behind.Camp two, looking toward the summit trail toward the summit.Camp one."Econo" transport to the trail entrance.It was interesting to wander around the area.Three days of hot, dry, dusty trekking to base camp.One of the stone walls to protect against winds at camp one.I forget the name of this ancient site on the road between Mendoza and Santiago Chile.You follow the river for a few days toward base camp.It's a three day walk into base camp.The dryness is very noticeable all along this route.  It's actually a desert.A "Gaucho"...loosely translated as "Cowboy" in the rough sense of the word.Very little rainfall occurs here.  The rivers are glacier melt.It's very hot, dry and dusty for the first few days toward base camp.Base camp.  13,000+' elevation.Climbing from camp one to camp two.There are one or two bridges that cross the river leading toward base camp.The summit of Aconcagua.  22,840', and the highest point in north or south America.The valley leading toward base camp.Christine, our second guide.  She spoke very little English but was a lovely person.  I liked her.