Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | 2018 Pacific Ocean Crossing

My sail across the Pacific Ocean from Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Island chain to Hiva Oa in French Polynesia began in 2015 when I was on my trek through Bhutan. One of the other trekkers on the trip was a Swiss national who had recently retired. He was a long time sailor who was planning a sail around the world with a group known as the "A.R.C." sailors that sailed ever year beginning and ending their journey in the Caribbean Sea. Nikki approached me a year or so after our trek through Bhutan had ended and expressed that he was looking for crew members to do this leg of his journey and asked if I'd be interested in joining him. I immediately agreed and then excitedly began my preparations to travel to Ecuador and then the Galapagos Islands where I'd meet up with him and begin our journey across the Pacific. To say that I was a little overwhelmed with it all would be a gross understatement. I am not a seasoned sailor by any means and I learned a lot on this trip. It was a wonderful adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life.