Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | 2018 Hiva Oa
I arrived in Hiva Oa after a 19 day sail across the open Pacific Ocean from the Galapagos Islands aboard a Swiss flagged 15 metre yacht named "Aranui". The Aranui was part of a fleet of boats participating in an around the world journey that would take them from the Caribbean Sea westward, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific Ocean and ultimately back to the Caribbean Sea. I was fortunate enough to secure a passage on the Aranui from the skipper whom I'd met in Bhutan two years earlier. The images from that trip through Bhutan grace another gallery on my site. By the time I'd gotten to Hiva Oa I was simply happy to be on solid ground again and theses images are really nothing more than snapshots of the day trip I took with a few other members of the other boats on a guided day drive along the islands rim road. It was a fun excursion, but I don't look upon theses images as "fine art". None the less, I do think of Hiva Oa as something of a garden of Eden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and should I ever return there for an extended stay, I'd certainly pour more effort into achieving some finer results from my photography.