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On one of my trips to my local ski hill I wandered over to the snowboard park to capture some images of the kids flying off the ramps and catching massive air. These snowboarding kids had a lot of guts and talent and I was impressed with their abilities.
Snowboarder sails overhead for a soft landingSnowboarding teen flashes a classic poseSnowboarding teen catches airYoung teen snowboarder flies past the cameraSnowboarder catches massive air flying past the cameraSnowboarding teen flies high overhead in a poseSnowboarding teen looks at me as he flies pastSnowboarding teen rides high in the airSnowboarder catches air on his board and grabs his snowboardSnowboarder teen grabs the tail of his boardSnowboarder stretches out in the airSnowboarding teen flies high over Georgian BaySnowboarding teen strikes a pose in the airSnowboarder strikes a pose mid airSnowboarder with his tongue out flies overheadSnowboarding teen screams past me overheadSnowboarder sails past overheadSnowboarder screams past overhead of meSnowboarder screams past overheadSnowboarding teen flies overhead