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I travelled to Bali in December of 2015 after receiving an invitation from a former high school friend whom I'd recently reacquainted myself with. She had spent the last twelve years there and was the manager of a very beautiful villa just north of Denpasar. I thought that flying out for even two weeks to escape the coming winter weather in Toronto was a good idea so I took her up on her offer and flew out... guitar and camera equipment in hand. I spent most of my two weeks there just enjoying the company of this friend and another good buddy from high school who had also flown out for much the same reasons I had. I didn't explore a great deal of the island for photographic purposes as for polite reasons I spent most of my time engaged in conversation and company with my host but we did manage to motorcycle around a fair bit of the south end of the island and over to the east shore and beaches. My trip to Bali was much more of a social visit to an old friend than it was a photographic excursion but I did manage to get a handful of decent shots that I though were worth including in their own gallery rather than lumping them into my "miscellaneous travels" gallery.
Christmas season in Bali Indonesia copyCurious you Balinese girl on a beachBeautiful woman on a beachSurfer on a beach in Bali IndonesiaMale surfer on in Bali IndonesiaTwo friends in the swimming pool in Bali IndonesiaTorential rains in the villa in Bali IndonesiaArtistic windowsPreparing a traditional spicy Balinese dinnerPounding the meat with spice for a traditional Balinese dinnerMixing the meats for a Balinese dinnerThe house staff and friends in Bali IndonesiaTeaching her to float on her back in Bali IndonesiaBaby monkey with mother in Bali IndonesiaA baby Balinese long tailed monkey in BaliAdult mother Balinese long tailed monkey and her baby in BaliBalinese long tailed monkey and her babyAdult Balinese long tailed monkey and childSwollen river near Ubud in Bali IndonesiaWaterfall in Bali Indonesia.