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I operated my hockey photography business called "MVP Dreams Sport Photography" from 2006 until 2012. During those six years I shot about 130 minor hockey league tournaments. I averaged 10-25 thousand images per tournament and because of that sheer number I was in front of the action and able to capture a lot of the incredible action that the sport offers. This gallery is my "best of" from those years and contains images of goals, goal celebrations, goalie saves, crushing body checks, bent sticks from slap shots, and players chasing after and battling for the puck. All of the images were shot with a Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens mounted on a monopod. Learning to "swing the barrel" (as I coined the phrase), i.e., maneuver the lens around to follow the action and learn to capture the action at its best was not easy and took some time. I actually almost gave up the entire enterprise after the first six or seven tournaments but I stuck with it and managed to hone my skills to the level I did to be able to get these shots. I'm glad I did. Although I no longer shoot hockey it is definitely a facet of my work that I'm proud of and glad to share with you.
Great ice hockey goalie saveIce Hockey body checkA player scores a goal in an ice hockey gameCrushing body checkHockey body checkIce hockey body checkChasing the puck in an ice hockey game.Crushing body checkGoal celebrationCrushing body checkIce hockey goalCrushing body checkCrushing body check in an ice hockey gameIce hockey body checkIce hockey body checkCrushing body check in ice hockeyCrushing body check in ice hockey body checkChasing the puckBody check in Ice hockeyIce hockey game body check