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I first visited the east coast Maritime provinces of my country of Canada in 2003. It was a whirlwind road trip through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland that lasted all of two weeks. Because of the short nature of that trip I really didn't see much if anything at all of the maritimes except a lot of the roads and a few truck stops and gas stations. It was a poorly planned out race to see as much of those provincial areas of the country as we could in that little time with out any preplanned forethought about where we were going or what we we were going to do. In the summer of 2018, as I was retired, I decided to go back out east and really explore the maritimes properly. This time I spent six weeks slowly meandering through those same areas that I had verily whizzed through last time. I stopped countless times along the way to hike and explore the vast landscape and capture these images. The east coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful place in the world I've ever visited, and I am happy that finally took the time to see it properly.
Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick finished.jpgThe Bay of Fundy and Hopewell Rocks in New BrunswickHopewell Rocks New  BrunswickRock structure in Hopewell RocksHopewell Rocks New Brunswick Rock StructrureColourful rock structure in Hopewell Rocks New BrunswickMonochrome image of Hopewell Rocks New BrunswickHopewell Rocks, New BrunswickWestern coastline of Nova Scotia CanadaPeggy's Cove Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove, Nova ScotiaScenic Stream in Nova ScotiaScenic river in Nova ScotiaScenic river in Northern Nova ScotiaPort aux Basque NewfoundlandPort aux Basque NewfoundlandPort aux Basque NewfoundlandCoastal area of Port aux Basque Newfoundland