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Photographing musicians has been a passion of mine since my early teens and whenever I attended a concert I always brought a camera with me. You can see more of this genre from my early years in the film section of this site. Almost all of these images are from a concert venue in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada during a festival that occurs there every year in the last weekend of July called, "Voyageur Days." It's a general admission event which allows me to squeeze my way up through the crowd to the front of the stage area so I can capture great images. Over the years it has hosted some very big names in the music business. In the four years that I've attended I've seen Paul Rogers of "Free" and "Bad Company", Tom Cochrane and Ken Greer of "Tom Cochrane and Red Ryder", Alan Doyle and Kendall Carson of "The Beautiful Gypsies", Vince Neil of "Motley Cru", Dana Strum and Jeff Blando from Vince's touring band, Brian Smith and Ra McGuire from the Canadian band, "Trooper", Sean Verreault of "Wide Mouth Mason", Rick Jackett, James Black and Sean Anderson from the Canadian band, "Finger Eleven", Brett and Jay Emmons from the Glorious Sons, James Barker, Connor Stephen and Taylor Abram from the "James Barker Band", Eric Ethridge and Andrew Hyatt. At other locations and times I've also photographed the British guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm, and during a tour through Australia I captured images of "Kelly Knight and the Daze" at a local Brisbane venue, and many years ago I captured some shots for a friend of mine's band called "The Decible Kings". I'm sure I'll be adding many more images to this gallery in the future.
Paul Rogers on stagePaul Rogers on stagePaul Rogers at the microphonePaul Rogers of "Free" belting it outPaul Rogers waving to the crowdPaul Rogers of Free and Bad Company at Mattawa Voyageur DaysPaul Rogers smiles at the cameraPaul Rogers of Free and Bad Company singing his heart outPaul Rogers singing his heart outPaul RogersPaul Rogers singingPaul Rogers of Free and Bad Company at the pianoBass player for Paul RogersThe bass player in Paul Rogers bandBass player for Paul Rogers of Bad Company and FreeBass player and drummer for Paul Rogers of Free and Bad CompanyTom CochraneTom Cochrane singing at Voyageur Days in Mattawa OntarioTom CochraneTom Cochrane and Red Ryder