Steve Tambosso - "The Wandering Fireman" | Miscellaneous travels

There were numbers of other vacations, hikes, and full on journeys that I took in my film days. A large number of images from those trips were prosaic "vacation shots" and not really worth posting on my site, however I include a handful of my favourites here. You can click on any image to enlarge it to full screen.
18 years old and hiking down the Grand Canyon hermit trail in 1978.At the canyon base, filling water jugs from the Colorado river.Trekking through the canyon base.  1978.Relaxing dip in a creek pool near the Colorado.South Carolina beach.  1978.A pier in Santa Monica, California, 1983.A car in the distance on the highway, Texas.  1983.My Jamaican guide Jefferson, (a bartender from my resort) and his mother.  1985.Jefferson's mother in a window of their home, Jamaica, 1985Jefferson's sister in the doorway of their home.  1985Jamaica.  1985.Climbing in Joshua Tree national park, California.  1998.Joshua Tree national park, California.  1998.Brisbane Australia.A nice kayak paddle down a beautiful New Zealand river.  1998.A geothermic hot spring meets a cool river.  Beautiful.  New Zealand.  1998.A gem of a thermal pool/waterfall on the north island in New Zealand.  1998.Door open for a skydive with Mt. Cook in the background.  New Zealand, 1998.The "Pipeline" bungee jump in Queenstown New Zealand.  1998.Another bungee jumper from the "Pipeline" bungee in Queenstown New Zealand.  1998.