I've categorized the images into folders that...more or less...follow the evolution of my photography through the years. There are two main folder areas: My film work, and my digital work. If you would like to see my very earliest images and my growth in photography start with the film folder. If you would prefer to see my more recent and advanced work then just skip to the digital images. The galleries there show the development of my interest and skills in both high dynamic range imaging and post processing...both areas in which I still have long way to go. I hope you like the images you see and I welcome any comments or constructive criticisms you may have.
The "Thunderdome" and my favourite place to watch contestants beat each other with foam bats.I had/have a thousand exit images.  I like this one a lot.  Nice chunk from the aircraft.Lots of lions.The doorways lended themselves to great images.  Post processed in Photomatix.Yosemite park.  HDR and Photomatix for post processing.I have this shot on my wall at home....and her as well.  What a cute kid.Another of my favourite skydiving shots.  It's my current screen saver on my iPad.