It would not be an overstatement to say that the transition to digital from film has revolutionized the art of photography. It is a change which I have wholeheartedly embraced, however, the shift did not come without presenting some challenges to me. I have always considered myself decently competent in the use of the basic tool of photography...that being...the camera...and the switch from a film camera to its digital counterpart did not present many difficulties for me. The problem that arose for me was that I began my studies in photography in an era where we swirled chemicals around in trays in dimly lit rooms to produce the negatives and prints that were the final products of our imaging process. I was not schooled in any of the computer software that was required to "post process" the images I had captured digitally from their raw file incarnations and I was initially reluctant to learn any of these programs. That, needless to say, was a huge mistake. I now find myself playing "catch up" with regard to learning the myriad of software programs that can be employed to bring out the full potential of my digital images. I have spent a considerable amount of time these past few years learning many facets of post processing software and it has allowed me to go back over my older image files and re-do them. As with the film section of this web site wherein I had to digitally scan each and every single negative or slide into my files and then enhance that scanned image before archiving it, with this digital section I have had to re-post process every single image from my original raw files to the final images you see now. That was another tedious task that took considerable time, but, I'm glad I did it. As my skills in post production continues to improve no doubt I'll be revisiting these images again to post process and further improve them. Anyway, I hope you like what I've been able to accomplish so far.
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